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WiTribe’s New Offshore Growth Strategy

WiTribe's New Offshore Growth Strategy

WiTribe was a Pakistani internet service provider operating out of Lahore, Pakistan. It also operated in the four major cities, Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and Islamabad.

WiTribe's New Offshore Growth Strategy






In 2020, WiTribe introduced its service to the public with the introduction of LGPL (open source license) for its service. This license allows its users to use the LGPL software that includes programs for mobile broadband connectivity. WiTribe’s primary objective was to improve the network speed. It did this by incorporating the ATA technology of Broadband Internet Access and LGPL software for Broadband Communication.

It was the first network provider in Pakistan and the third in South Asia and the Middle East to introduce LGPL for mobile users. With LGPL, the LGPL license allowed users to access mobile networks through the LGPL applications such as Bluetooth and MMS.

The service was provided by a network company called Asymmetric Technologies. It had launched a mobile network called Asymmetric Connect, which was provided by Asymmetric Technologies. WiTribe and Asymmetric Technologies signed an MPA (Multipurpose Agreement) in March 2020. This MPA allowed WiTribe’s service to be used for MNC’s, commercial purposes only.

Due to the recent recession and other factors, most telecommunications network providers have slashed their profit margins. In order to increase the revenues and maintain the customer base, they had to increase their services. WiTribe responded by developing a low-cost network based on the ATA technology of Broadband Communication. The ATA technology allows faster and more reliable transmission of information between different parts of the network. It has a smaller antenna, thus allowing for more efficient communication.

WiTribe’s customers can buy a WiTribe card for LGPL compatible devices and use it with their LGPL enabled phones. The LGPL card is a small device, similar to an adapter that allows the LGPL software to be installed on the phone. WiTribe offers free trials for its customers. Its service is very popular among the youth and urban middle class in the cities of Lahore and Islamabad. WiTribe is trying to enter into international markets and target developed countries.

WiTribe’s business model is unique as it provides low-cost service to its customers. The low-cost service helps them to gain better market share in the market and gain a high volume of customers.

Another interesting feature that enables it to gain a high volume of customers is its low-cost service. The service allows for the cheap transfer of data for the users and cheap roaming in the country where the user is not living. It allows the users to make calls from anywhere in the country at the same rates as the call rates provided by the national telecom service providers.

This low-cost service has helped WiTribe grow in leaps and bounds. It is expanding its service area of operations in the developed countries in Asia and the Middle East. As it continues to grow, it will surely expand into the world.

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