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The Restaurant

Located on the third floor of a large building in the Gulberg locality, the Yasir Broast restaurant is one of the most famous Pakistani restaurants in Lahore. The restaurant is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. The food served here is good. It’s no surprise that more people are finding it difficult to find a place to eat.

The Yasir Broast Grill is housed at MM Alam Road, Block D3. The building was designed by the renowned architect Syed Ghulam Murtaza Qadri, who was responsible for several major projects in Lahore and Islamabad. A prominent landmark is the Lahore University Road, which runs alongside the road. There are a number of other landmarks in the immediate vicinity.

The interior of the Yasir Broast grill Lahore consists of two sections. The main dining room has a large dining table and four stools arranged around it. Next to this section is a bar which features a large number of chairs and a few stools.

The second section of the Yasir Broast Grill – Lahore has a counter facing the wall. The counter is also furnished with a large number of stools. On the other hand, the main dining area is equipped with countertops and chairs. The seating arrangement is arranged in a semicircle, which is then turned around so that you can have a look at the bar. The counter is situated above the sink area and facing the door. The table facing the door is a separate section.

Pakistan has a thriving restaurant industry. Lahore and Islamabad have their own special restaurants serving international and local cuisines. The restaurants in Lahore are divided into a few different sections. One is the South City Restaurant, which serves traditional foods of Pakistan. The other section is the North City Restaurant which serves Pakistan’s signature dishes like curry, chicken, biryani and roti. The Khyber Restaurant serves the best Pakistani cuisine. The most famous restaurant in Lahore is the Majestic Hotel and it is the only restaurant within the hotel complex that serves International standards of food.

The dining rooms of the Yasir Broast grill Lahore are open to guests. The staff welcomes them and take care of their meal, till they leave. There are a number of different dining areas available in the restaurant including an indoor eating area where a large number of food items can be brought out to admire. Other places include the cafeteria that serves Pakistani snacks and coffee, a terrace where people can watch television or read books, a lounge area, a pool table, and a pool area.

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