In 2004, Australian Composite Technology (ACT) established its first production facility in a 5,500 square metre single span factory located at Somerton Victoria, Australia. The commissioning of this manufacturing line represented a world first solution for the reprocessing of co-mingled industrial waste plastics with a circular economy outcome in recycled plastic products such as fence posts, recycled plastic bollards, plastic sleepers, etc

  • Plasmar is 100% recycled from engineering grade polymer material
  • CSIRO tested for durability and proven to last for more than 50 years
  • A long-life, environmentally friendly alternative to timber

One of the key ACT objectives has been to elevate industrial plastic waste recycling into a highly presentable, mainstream business activity. Based on 18 years of research, including prototyping of various products, the ACT process is unique in its ability to accommodate volumes of co-mingled polymer waste.

The ACT technology enables the reprocessing of industrial co-mingled plastic waste in large volumes to support the manufacture of composite products in commercial quantities. We trademarked the brand name plasmar for our products and they include fence posts, strainers, sleepers and square profile or shipping dunnage.

These robust, co mingled solutions will eventually offer industry a much sought after effective alternative to current timber products.

The ACT co mingled process offers not only a primary community benefit by eliminating industrial plastic waste from going to landfill, but also environmental benefits by conserving timber for more productive uses. Additional commercial benefits also accrue as composite material has a vastly greater lifecycle than its timber counterparts plus co mingled material can be recycled again when it reaches the end of its initial service life.


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