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I have been a professional teacher, both online and offline, for the past four years. My experience is in Arabic, (Classical and Modern Standards), Pashto, Urdu and Islamic Studies. My accent and grasp of English is excellent. I’m serious about my courses, but I’m going easy and have a good sense of humor. My students are men and women of all ages, from all over the world.

Languages Tutor is an online registered platform for available languages (Pashto, Urdu, Arabic, English tuition and translation). All Islamic courses (Qur’an recitation, basic and advanced commentary, basic and advanced hadith, and basic and advanced jurisprudence) through its highly talented, patient, qualified and experienced male and female teachers.


Learning new language is a great passion by the way we can learn new culture, we have many tutors who are well qualified in teaching Urdu, English, Pashto languages as well Arabic languages, you can avail the service nearby your through our online platform.

According to your convenient times and days on Skype from A Pashto Tutor Online both Pashto Pashto (Afghan Pashto and Pakistani Pashto with both dialects) and Pashto Media Language (Pashto used in BBC, VOA etc.) Learn.

Here are couple of language we can teach to student online and physically.

  1. Pashto language
  2. Urdu Language
  3. Arabic Language
  4. English language

And also here are some Islamic Courses that we offer:

  1. Tafseer ul Quran
  2. Quran Reading
  3. Hadith
  4. Fiqah Short Course
  5. Advance Tafseer

If you are interested to learn languages or any other course please visit our website here is the link:


New York, NY 11223 United States of America