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The core idea behind Gourmet’s philosophy is to provide quality food and unparalleled service matching an economic level. Gourmet made an unflinching point to not break the rule of affordability considering market inflation over the years.

Mr. Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz’s ideal was a standpoint higher than any crises. The firm belief that Allah Almighty is the sustainer and provider meant to him, to hone his sense of sincerity and integrity, to imbibe it in his venture’s code of conduct.

Keeping the values achieved in his own life as an example, current caretakers of Gourmet Industries are his sons who ensure to keep his vision unchanged over time.

It is for this very reason that Gourmet restaurants have foreseen great growth in the food industry after their huge commercial success. Plan of growth does not mean reshaping those ideals that are to remain a crux for years to come.

Today Gourmet restaurants provide the required range of food and quality of service for a unique and economical experience befitting the joy and celebrating togetherness.


Gourmet Foods Unit-06 Mauza Bhobhatian Main Defense Road Lahore

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TEL: 0322-2227777



12-D, Faisal Town، Abul Hassan Isfahani Rd, Near Block D Akbar Chowk، Lahore, Punjab