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Department of English Language & Literature

The need for a Department of English was felt as far back as 1932 on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the University of Punjab. Even earlier, two British Professors, Dr Oliver Elton and Dr Daniel Jones had visited Lahore with the specific purpose of creating interest in English literature and language. The University of Punjab had the tradition of coordinating the teaching resources available in various colleges in Lahore for a range of subjects including English. Following the formation of Pakistan, there was a change in policy and the University began to establish its own teaching departments to impart postgraduate education.

The Department of English Language & Literature was created through a proposal placed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University before the Syndicate at a meeting held on November 10, 1962. Professor Siraj-ud-Din was the founder and first Head of the Department.

The Department gradually progressed and attracted some highly qualified teachers. At present, it has 16 teaching positions. In addition, some part-time teachers have also been engaged to teach the courses. In the university of Punjab, English is used as Medium of Instruction in the department of English Language & Literature.

M.A. English (Morning & Self-Supporting)

BS English (Morning & Replica)

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e-mail [email protected]


Jannat Rd, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore, Punjab