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Department of Economics

The origin of the Department of Economics can be traced back to the year 1919 when a Chair in Economics was established at the University of the Punjab with a view to promote higher studies in the subject. Advice of many famous economists, such as E. C. Gonver, S. G. Champman, Sidney Webb and Mrs. Webb, Alfred Marshall, A. L. Bowley and J. M. Keynes, was sought for formulating a suitable curriculum for the University of the Punjab. Presently, the Department of Economics is a part of Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences. The Department offers full-time programs of course work and research supervision of M.Sc. (Economics), Master of Business Economics (MBEcon), M. Phil. and Ph.D. degrees and Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Economics (PGDAE) under semester system.

Aims and Objectives


To create a collegial environment that emphasizes on continuous professional excellence in instruction, research and application of theory to practice.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Economics at University of the Punjab is to offer rigorous degree programs that equip students, through a combination of coursework and applied research, with a holistic understanding of global, regional and local economic issues which they can utilize to make optimal decisions for themselves, in business life and in public policy.


The central learning goals of an education in economics are to:

apply the general concepts learned from economic theory and methods to specific fields of economics.

encourage students to use their knowledge for the welfare of the society as a whole.

understand the idea of “an economic way of thinking,” which is a conceptual framework for analyzing the economic problem of choice and scarcity. Here the focus is to develop the ability to apply principles of economics when faced with the problems of conflicting goals and uncertainty.

develop an understanding of how markets operate, the role of supply and demand, the efficiency advantages of a market system, and the conditions and public policies necessary for markets and economy to operate well.

M.Sc. (Morning & Self-Supporting)

MBEcon (Self-Supporting)

BS (Morning & Self Supporting)

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Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore, Punjab