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As a discipline of social sciences, Archaeology has been developed as a scientific subject during the last two centuries which deals with the human past. Fundamentally it deals with fieldwork which involves explorations, surveys and excavations. More precisely Archaeology reconstructs the human past by studying, analysing and examining material culture. The aim of Archaeology is the understanding of humankind as it is a humanistic discipline, a humane study. The archaeological history of Pakistan fundamentally focuses on the beginning of archaeological activities since the establishment of the Archaeological Survey of India (1861) up to 2015. During last, one hundred and fifty years Archaeology has yielded a wealth of knowledge regarding the history and culture of ancient Pakistan. On the basis of this data, archaeologists have arranged the chronological sequence from prehistoric times to Muslim occupation of Indian sub-continent.

The teaching of Archaeology at the University of Punjab was originally introduced as an auxiliary subject to M.A. History programme in the late 1950s. But unfortunately, it did not survive for long. In academic session 1987-88, the subject of Archaeology as an optional group, consisting of five papers was offered in the final year of M.A. History, regular Programme in the Department of History, University of Punjab. In November 2001, a full-fledge (two year M.A. Regular Programme) was introduced in History Department entitled “Department of History and Archaeology”. Archaeology was separated from Department of History in October 2004 and it is now entitled as Department of Archaeology, University of Punjab.

Aims and Objectives


Our vision is to reconstruct the ancient human societies by discovering, studying, analysing and examining their material culture. We aim to rebuild a strong understanding of the history of mankind by Archaeological activities, as by nature archaeology deals with human past. Fundamentally, it involves very laborious fieldwork while conducting explorations, surveys and excavations. We address historical as well as cultural problems of remote people who did not particularly leave any written record of their activities. Thus, we reconstruct the hidden chapters of the human past by reconstructing the social, cultural, political and economic growth of ancient settlements.


Keeping in view the vision of the Department of Archaeology our aspiration is to produce quality education and research. In order to achieve our vision we have following missions:

To provide an exceptionally conducive learning environment that will prepare students for brilliant academics and professional achievement

To create an arena of knowledge, skills, resources and learning opportunities for the faculty and students that will equip them to polish their potential and abilities.

To enhance and cultivate scholarly research related to the Archaeology of Punjab.

To document the monumental archaeology of Punjab by engaging the faculty members and students in different projects.

To generate different sources to enhance the scope and significance of Archaeology and to promote the importance of our cultural heritage.

To collaborate with many national and international archaeological organizations. So that we may build an excellent working relationship and a systematic way of multidisciplinary research.


We have set several goals regarding the development of our department. This goal clearly reflects our vision and mission. We aim to publish an HEC recognized research journal entitled “Punjab Archaeology” to promote quality research. Moreover, we are strongly determined to organize international conferences primarily focusing on the Archaeology of Punjab. This initiative will rightly highlight the archaeological features of Punjab such as art, architecture, culture and history. We intend to take several research project as well. We will engage our faculty and students in field activities like survey, exploration and excavation. So that they may get training and play an essential role in promoting the aims and objectives of Archaeology with devotion and intellectual spirit. The details of the projects are as follows:

• Archaeological excavation of Shorkot mound

• Tomb architecture of Punjab evolved under the great Mughals

• History of Colonial architecture of Lahore


Since the inception of this young department, we are making serious efforts to establish our worth at national and international level. Initially, the Department was offering only a Master Degree. In 2010, M.Phil Archaeology programme was started. The department is growing by leaps and bounds and going to introduce PhD degree in Archaeology in fall session 2017. Moreover, one of the major achievements of the department is the introduction of the subject of Archaeology at B.A level. It will surely enhance the scope of Archaeology and provide more career opportunities to our talented students. Moreover, we are engaged in excavation projects and got NOC from Punjab Archaeology for the period of three years

M.A. Archaeology (Morning)

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Department Of Archaeology Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan