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The Daily Times Pakistan News Paper

The Daily Times is a Pakistani English-language newspaper. Launched in March 2002, it is published from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

The paper was founded by Salmaan Taseer, a former governor of Pakistan and Punjab Peoples party stalwart. He also happens to be the brother of assassinated Punjab governor, Salmaan Maseeh.

The paper was first launched as a weekly and has since then become a daily. It has been ranked number one among Pakistan’s most-read newspapers by the National Bureau of Standards. The paper was originally printed in Urdu but is now published in English. The content is largely the same as that of the Urdu version but the font is slightly different and has some additional features such as full-colour pictures of the events and the front page of the daily is in the same format as in Urdu. The paper has recently launched a number of websites including its official website.

The content of the daily newspaper is largely about politics and social issues. The daily’s editorial decisions are subject to the prime minister’s approval. There are some sections of the paper that focus on current affairs. For instance, the sections dealing with foreign affairs, economy, education, environment, and human rights and social issues. The paper also publishes a series of blogs.

The contents of the daily are frequently updated. The Pakistani government constantly updates the policies of the ruling party. In addition, many political parties regularly update their websites about recent happenings in the country. The website of the ruling party in Pakistan, the Pakistan Peoples Party, was launched in January 2006.

The daily’s main online edition is the official website of the daily. It is regularly updated with information about major events and developments in Pakistan. There are various blogs that offer insights into political events, popular celebrities, and current affairs. Some of these blogs even include pictures.


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