Canadian Security Services is as Toronto & Mississauga-based Security Company that is home to some of the most experienced professionals who are skilled enough to come up with the most effective and tailored security solutions that meet the bespoke security needs of its clients in and around the greater Toronto area.

As one of the most renowned security service providers, our mission and vision have always been to come up with the best services in the domestic and the commercial sector. With a group of impeccably trained security personnel who are equipped with the latest tools and technology, we come up with some unparalleled customised security services in Toronto with the use of the latest techniques that keep us ahead of the threat sources at any given point in below.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Our experts are experienced, trained and are equipped with the best tools and technology
  2. Besides experience, they have in-depth knowledge of security principles of every type of client property – both domestic and commercial
  3. We the proven and time-tested techniques of security that make your property practically as foolproof as it can be
  4. We maintain a centralized 24×7 dispatch center
  5. We offer state of the art alarm monitoring and response
  6. We also come up with electronic patrols and monitoring system
  7. GPS satellite-based tracking as well as a communication system
  8. Besides, when you hire us, you get an all-inclusive and a variety of security service that meets your bespoke security needs
  9. Currently, we are also proving access control service in the wake of this COV ID 19 outbreak, checking the visitors with the help of high-quality forehead scanners and body temperature scanners in Toronto.

Our Services:

The services we offer in Toronto and Mississauga include:

  1. Construction Security
  2. Condominium Security
  3. Mobile Patrol Security
  4. Video Monitoring
  5. Residential Security
  6. Commercial Security
  7. Warehouse Security
  8. Yard Security
  9. Airport Security
  10. Parking Enforcement Service
  11. Fire Watch Security
  12. Building Security
  13. Retail Security
  14. Office Security
  15. Loss Prevention Service
  16. Screening Service

To learn more about our service, visit us @ or call us @ 647 409 3789 NOW!


2800 Skymark Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 5A6, Canada